The Mermaid Manifesto

"Her home is our home and she belongs to us. "–Nina Linda Ramos (aka Frankie Blackheart)

The Mermaid is rooted in our history which is shared by many long-time San Marcos residents, tourists and students–the Aqua Maids echo the memories of Aquarena Springs Theme Park. Although the era of the park itself was short lived by most standards, the vision and memories of the roadside attractions have held strong in the hearts of residents and visitors throughout the years–with the allure of the Underwater Mermaid Show being a recollection of magic and simple beauty. As the city of San Marcos grows at exponential rates, it has become vital to seek ways to anchor our community and highlight our distinction. To this mission, the lore of the Mermaid has been revitalized to represent a symbol of San Marcos heritage that connects us to our simpler past, while focusing on a vibrant and resilient future.

The Mermaid herself embodies the unique San Marcos culture of ingenuity, entrepreneurship, community connectivity and environmental stewardship which blossoms in a town in love with its sacred river. She is a symbol of honor and protection; a representation of a shared community vision that can be easily identified. As a guardian of such intense power and beauty, comes to no surprise her message has spread like native wild rice, stretching throughout San Marcos. As a symbolic heroine, she is easily able to connect community members without boundaries of age, socioeconomic status or political preference. The Mermaid transcends these limitations to unite our attention towards a common goal; co- create a sustainable, shared wellbeing.Local ownership of a town which we want to protect, preserve and nurture is reflected in our identity through the Mermaid.

While the whimsical Mermaid Ball, parade and festivities will take place only once a year, The Mermaid will continue to be an inspiration of all things San Marcos, throughout the year. The image and presence of the San Marcos Mermaid connects the wisdom of older citizens and mesmerizes the young. Creating a connecting fiber for residents to weave together an identity for the betterment of our community, she becomes a guardian of the river, a superhero to children, a vision of artistic beauty, a navigator of a flowing local economy, an anchor of family and community strength, and a bridge from the past to present and future. She is as unique and vibrant as the town itself, a freshwater Mermaid deep in the heart of Texas.

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