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SMTX Mermaid SPLASH 2017
A Celebration of All Things San Marcos, Texas
SEPTEMBER 2nd – 17th

Our Vision

A vibrant San Marcos community united by the empowering symbol of the Mermaid, working collaboratively toward shared values of creative community impact.

‍Poster by Kelly Olsen Mermaid Design by Topher Sipes

Our Mission

Mermaid Society SMTX is a grassroots arts and culture community organization committed to strengthening connectivity among like-spirited community partners to work creatively and collaboratively towards a shared vision in support of river guardianship, the arts, historic preservation and local entrepreneurship.

Stewardship Preservation Local Arts Sustainability Heritage

The Mermaid Society’s Ball is created to serve as the primary funding source to support SMTX Mermaid SPLASH, an annual city-wide, multi-event festival, celebrating our city’s arts, culture, heritage and our most precious resource, the San Marcos River. Your support makes this FREE community festival possible.

Statements of Support

“The Mermaid Society will be one of the most exciting things that has ever happened in San Marcos!”

Larkin Smith, Immediate Past President of the San Marcos Lions Club

“I am excited about the formation of the Mermaid Society in San Marcos as it promises to keep the legacy of Aquarena Springs alive, provide a meaningful connection between art and the environment, and help strengthen the community’s commitment to be good stewards of the river.”

Andrew Sansom, Ph.D., Executive Director -The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment

“The Mermaid Society SMTX blends heritage and history with imagination and fun, while supporting the visual and performing arts through fostering a strong community sense of leadership, ownership and pride in the spirit of San Marcos, Texas. Who better than a Mermaid to invite visitors and residents to learn more about river stewardship and community pride, and have fun along the way? We have found our Fountain of Youth in the San Marcos Springs. And as we grow our vision of the Mermaid Society SMTX, we celebrate the unique river culture of San Marcos and build upon the spirit, pride and imagination of those who came before us while encouraging the next generation of leaders to help to shape our future. I am proud to be a founding ambassador of Mermaid Society SMTX and invite you to join us in preserving the past, celebrating the present, and building a strong foundation for the future. Mermaids live forever.”

Diana Finlay Hendricks, Writer, music aficionado, and lifelong San Marcos mermaid

"The Root Cellar has played an active part in the San Marcos community with the intention of preserving the history and preservation of our city and river. The Mermaid Society embodies both of these intentions and is a partner we are proud to naturally support."

Kyle Mylius, Owner of Root Cellar Cafe and Bakery

"I am so pleased that the Mermaid Society is making such a big splash in San Marcos, and I am honored to play a partin the inaugural Mermaid Week to be held in September. The mermaid as our city's mascot is a fun, meaningful wayto preserve the legacy of Aquarena Springs and to help promote awareness of our river and the need to protect andpreserve it for generations to come."

Shirley Rogers, Former Aquamaid and 2016 Queen of the Mermaid Court

“The Mermaid Society is a premier organization that brings together local organizations for acommon good - keeping San Marcos focused on what makes it such a specialplace. Keeping the river and surrounding areas available for all to enjoy for years to come,just as many have since their childhood is vital. The Mermaid Society brings attention to thisimportant objective for visitors and residents alike. Mermaid Week SMTX will become onethat will be recognized as a top Texas event - not to be missed!”

Dr. J.R. Minifie
Barshop Excellence Professorship in Entrepreneurship
Director Office for Service-Learning Excellence Texas State University
Engaging learners, Impacting the community, Bringing innovation to the classroom

“Texas State University, home to the headwaters of the San Marcos River, emphasizeswater quality protecting the endangered species and focuses on stewardship throughoutour 450+ acres campus. Indeed, the Mermaid Society of San Marcos makes a huge,positive splash in the arts and the environment in the in one of the fastest growingcities in the United States. Bobcats immediately “cannon-balled” into research andprojects with the Mermaid Society. And we look forward to the 2016 launch of MermaidWeek and beyond.”

Janet Riola Hale, J.D. Department of Finance and
McCoy College of Business Administration
Texas State University

“As members of the indigenous communities in San Marcos, that encompass 37% of Hays Countyresidents labeled “Hispanic” who are also American Indians, we welcome a partnership where our 13,000+years of stewardship here can be honored. We value the sacred nature of the land and waters of SanMarcos. The Mermaid Society will umbrella the numerous organizations that share this reverence, and areaware of the environmental challenges that we are all facing. A week-long festival that celebrates our city’streasures will raise the visibility of our unique presence in Texas, and bring national attention to an area thatvibrates with ancient guardian spirits.”

Dr. Mario Garza, Founder and Maria F. Rocha 
Executive Director Indigenous Cultures Institute

“San Marcos - The Mermaid Capitol of Texas . . . Can’t think of a better way to unite our diverse city! Mermaid, theicon, has roots in local folk lore. Branding San Marcos with a symbol of beauty, environmental awareness and fun,will foster community involvement and provide opportunities for economic growth. Let's make San Marcos adestination for Eco commerce and fun!

Billy Ray & Beverly Mangham, Artists, Teachers and Owners – Eye of the Dog Art Center

“Mermaid Week SMTX will help to create an image for the City of San Marcos that could revolutionize thecity; it's interactions with the River, and the way it is seen globally. This is a more approachable and relevantTWRF for San Marcos, with incredible potential."

Ashley Wright, Founder of Texas Wild Rice Festival

“Mermaid Society SMTX is a wonderful group uniting the residents of San Marcos and the TexasState University community with a common goal: to preserve, protect, and promote the SanMarcos River and the City of San Marcos. The iconic mermaid is a symbol that people can identifywith and cherish. Working with the Mermaid Society has opened the students’eyes to the riversvulnerability and has impassioned them to change their behavior and that of their fellow students.Students no longer take San Marcos and its beautiful river for granted. The impact of thismovement will be felt for generations to come

Karen H. Smith, Professor of Marketing, Texas State University

“I am honored to be part of Mermaid Society SMTX. In these times when cities around the state are trying to separate themselves from each other and find their own identity, I cannot think of a better symbol for San Marcos than theMermaid. But more than a symbol, I am excited to be part of the Society which is working not only to protect our sacred river, but to bring that sense of community to San Marcos once again. Recently when I was in Houston having dinner, the waitress asked where I was from. I told her San Marcos and she said,” Oh yeah, I love the outlet malls.” Of course the outlet malls are vital to San Marcos, but we are so much more than shopping. Mermaid Society SMTX through the magical Mermaid is working to help people work together to be able to showcase everything that makes San Marcos home, and the greatest place in the state to either visit or call home.”

Rodney Van Oudekerke, Historian

"I moved to San Marcos to attend graduate school but I became a resident after falling in love with the San MarcosRiver and knowing I'd found my home. Honoring and protecting the sacredness of this natural resource is at the heart of my participation with the Mermaid Society. Combining two of my loves - the San Marcos River and Art - is a win win!

Ruby Dale Austin, Artist

"Mermaid Week SMTX is a celebration of the San Marcos River and our community. The river has long been a focalpoint for people to congregate and share time together. The draw of the babbling waterfalls and iridescent bluewaters is still a staple for Hill Country Natives and visitors alike. The cool waters are rejuvenating and healing andoffer a wonderful respite from the dog days of summer. The Mermaid has long been a symbol of the river. It isfitting that the Mermaid Festival that will celebrate the town and river that gave her birth would have her as itsmascot. She is the catalyst and rallying point for river stewardship and an emblem behind which to unite andcelebrate our multicultural society."

Darin Wood, Artist

 The Eyes of the San Marcos River"The Mermaid Society of SMTX fills a role that is and will be vital to making San Marcos known not just for its beautiful scenery but also for letting the community and the entire state know that in San Marcos we truly care about the health of our river both now and for future generations. The Eyes of the SM River looks forward to working with Mermaids of SMTX to spread awareness through the many different cultures that exist in San Marcos. We hope that this provides a solid foundation for the preservation and conservation of our most valuable resource in this city."_

Derrick Lee, Co-Founder 

 "As the quaint city of San Marcos, TX starts expanding rapidly, I am happy to see so many people coming together now to focus on educating others about care and respect for this ancient river. The San Marcos River is a magic a land unique treasure left in this world. Now it is up to us to give it the love it needs to flourish and live on into the future. I am proud to continue my volunteering efforts from the early years of TWRF now in to Mermaid Society for 2016. I am eager to see what the new Mermaid Week will bring!"

Jody Cross Artist, Owner of Jody’s Massage & LMT

"I am thrilled to help launch the Mermaid Society SMTX. I believe the Mermaid Society will be an optimal platformfrom which important conversations originate, that tie creativity, sustainability, ecological impact, spiritual andhistorical significance and the importance of preserving the river for all of us now and in the future."

Adriana "Gigi" Mederos, Artist and Owner of Rio Claro Studio

"The mermaid is the perfect symbol for San Marcos: beautiful, magical and whimsical. Everyone I talk to aboutMermaid Society immediately "gets it"- it's something we can all resonate with and rally behind. She's the river'sguardian, but invites everyone to experience the magic of her waters. The mermaid is a beacon of confidence andpride, and this organization is truly all-encompassing. I am proud to be a part of the launch of Mermaid Society."

Kayli Steger Head, Owner of Bloom Bar

“I'm so, so thrilled to join in the mission of Mermaid Society SMTX. The magic and historyof the mermaids in San Marcos will bring the community and visitors together. I envisionswimmingly wonderful events preserving and promoting the San Marcos River and all itsbeauty through the goals and activities of MERMAID SOCIETY SMTX.”

Dahlia Woods, Artist and Owner of Dahlia Woods Gallery

“SMART Orchestra was born and bred here in San Marcos, and we support the work Mermaid Society SMTX is doingto unite our community through the arts and environmental awareness. Our city will only survive if we can allcollaborate and work towards a united goal of river preservation and cultural appreciation. What Mermaid SocietySMTX is doing will only have a positive impact on our community, and SMART Orchestra wants to be a part of thatchange.”

Erin E. Hanson, Executive Director SMART Orchestra