Mermaid Chats

An innovative community outreach initiative, Maya, Mermaid Society’s mascot, will travel to schools in the area to introduce children ages K-5th grade ways to become river guardians and encourage stewardship of our city. An enthusiast in the field, Maya and the mermaid pod will convey their message through storytelling and other activities, as well as introduce their water “friends” like Sally the Salamander and other characters that  are endangered and rare species in our San Marcos River.  The Mermaid Chats program aims to inspire our youth to safeguard the valuable and easily damaged San Marcos River area. By fostering the spirit of conservation in young children, we hope to see a generation raised to respect the irreplaceable value of the area they reside in.  Schools, youth organizations, and summer programs can get a visit from Maya and the mermaid pod by contacting The Mermaid Society SMTX at 512-825-2819 or by contacting the Mermaid Patch Program/Mermaid Chats liaison, Marieta Hutchison; (830) 620-8958 or email: marieta1121@gmail.comIn development are printed materials such as children's coloring place mats for area restaurants and other educational materials.  Maya will begin making public appearances starting as early as summer of 2017

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